Afflatus occupies a top position for Bulker, Bulker Trailers, Trailers, Tip Trailers & Tippers particularly in Central India and also very well familiar to the fleet owners of east, west, north, south India.


We are leading manufacturer of Bulkers and Bulkers Trailers for various Applications like flyash, cement, Desulphurising Compound powdered calcinated lime, Alumina, Pulverised coal and for food grains and food flours.


We also manufacture Tip Bulkers, Tip Trailers and all kinds of Trailers like flat bed, Skelton, Semi low bed, Low bed and box type Trailer.


We are a professionally managed organisation with an energetic team of experienced and dynamic young engineers. We are committed for achieveing excellence through improvement in operation activities and after sales service.


It is great pleasure for us to mention few among many remarkable achievements of our design team.


Pioneer in increasing the volume of bulkers and reducing the over all length of bulkers by changing the shape from round to elliptical.

Pioneer in developing air slide cloth in tubular form in comparison to sheet from which finally improved the over all performance.


It is another matter of remarkable achievement to mention that we are the only manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh to have the approval order from transport commissioner of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and also trade certificate from concerned R.T.O. for bulker Trailers, all kind of trailers and tip trailers alltogether.

Our plants are equipped with state of the art manufacturing facilities which include sand blasting.


Our Strength


We are situated at geographically central location in India and proximity to cement and coal cluster of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra and chattisgarh.

We have developed the manufacturing capacity over 100 units per month.